The Day Of Ninja movement is meant to spur you into action to become the best ninja-version of yourself in both mindset and abilities. Using the feudal ninja as inspiration, be a modern-day warrior through activities like martial arts, parkour, fitness, meditation and many more.

What’s in it for Ninja Beginners & Old-Timers?

For ninja beginners

Beat self-doubt and take your first step to pursue some form of fitness, martial art or movement (e.g. parkour) activity to hone your physical ability. Pick any activity that you are interested in and get started in the basics.

Find out what you need to do

For ninja martial artists, traceurs and fitness veterans

Reflect on your achievements and setbacks this year, work on your weaknesses and renew your commitment to the modern warrior way of life.

Day Of Ninja can even be an excuse for you to try out a completely new activity that you were always interested in.

Wanna know what exactly you’re signing up for?

Find out what you need to do

History of the Day of the Ninja

The International Day of the Ninja was originally declared by Ninja Burger (a parody website) on 5 December 2003 as it was the day that “The Last Samurai” opened in cinemas; the film contained a scene where ninja assassins snuck on the samurai.

It was celebrated by spreading awareness about ninjas by dressing up in ninja costumes and participating in ninja-related activities. “Ninjas” were supposed to let loose on this day and come out of hiding.

Fast forward to one decade later, in 2013, Way Of Ninja organised an offshoot of the original Ninja Day and named it the Day Of Ninja movement. This movement was for anyone interested in the ninja and wanted to make a lifestyle change to live like a modern-day warrior in mindset, fitness and ability. The focus each Day Of Ninja was to help people beat procrastination and take action in their warrior goals in fitness, martial arts, movement skill and mental focus.

Something different this year

With Japan’s adoption of 22 February as their national Ninja Day this year, the movements’ activities will be adapted with effect from 5 December. This means the ninja mission for this Ninja Day will last from 5 Dec 2015 to 22 Feb 2016, slightly more than 11 weeks to make significant progress in your way of ninja.

About Way Of Ninja, The Organisers

Way Of Ninja is a modern-day warrior guide that helps people find their way of ninja and make it a reality, resolving the setbacks along the way, transforming their mindset and honing their physical skills.